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Monarch eggs                         free if you have an adequate supply of milkweed
Monarch caterpillars               $5
Monarch metamorphosis kits $42
Monarch chrysalis                  $10

1 Monarch  $10

12 Monarchs   $100

24 Monarchs  $190

36 Monarchs  $275

48 Monarchs  $375

100 Monarchs  $800

Potted tropical milkweed        $15
Potted swamp milkweed        $15

We follow all USDA  butterfly release regulations.  

               To place an order or for more information....call Lori (708) 601-1080
Interactive Monarch Chrysalis Hatchery

We will stock and maintain a chrysalis container for you throughout the natural butterfly season. (late May thru September) As healthy, vibrant Monarch adults emerge from the chrysalides, you can release them into the wild, putting good intention, prayer or hope out into the universe on the wings of a Gentle Butterfly.
NEW for 2016
Meditative Living Willow Structure

Ours is referred to as the "Sabbath Willow". It offers a peaceful, living space where we can reflect on everything we have been given, and how we can share our gifts with others.