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The Earth We Share
We share this Earth home with all creatures great and small.  
We are in a position to help or harm - LET'S HELP!

Butterflies are known as an indicator species because they help us judge the health of the environment.  They are among the first living creatures to vanish when habitats are unhealthy or become unavailable. Their re-appearance is an indicator their habitat is being restored to balance.

If you want to continue to see butterflies, please plant or protect butterfly habitat in your own backyard.  It can be as simple as a garden that contains both butterfly host and nectar plants.  

A comprehensive list of plants for butterfly and pollinator gardens can be found on the Monarch Watch website and by clicking BUTTERFLY HOST PLANTS.  By planting host plants, you're providing food and shelter for the butterfly to support its growth and development through its entire life cycle.  Flowers alone will attract butterflies, but host plants will allow generations of butterflies to flourish.