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Raise Butterflies 
The Monarch butterfly is a simple elegant creature of God's design.  In is presence we are compelled to slow down to take a careful look at something both commonplace and remarkable.  It moves weightlessly and silently among us, but can carry the message of God's grace and reassurance on the wings of a Gentle Butterfly.

When you hand rear a butterfly you witness an astounding transformation.  

Whether you begin with a butterfly egg, a caterpillar or a chrysalis, the different forms that appear in sequence are often indescribable and inspiring.

Yes, there is scientific explanation behind what is occurring. But to some of us, seeing the process unfold is a reassuring illustration of transformation, a core tenant of many religions. Life can be more complicated than we need words for. We can accept that sometimes a symbol is comforting, a visual image that helps us let go of doubt..

Raising butterflies can be healing.  We can nurture, protect, feed, care for something that needs us.

We can be part of a community of people who are learning, trying to make the world better by participating in citizen scientist programs such as Monarch Watch or Journey North.

And when we release the butterfly we've raised, we can learn to let go.

The Doings Jane Michaels photo