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There are moments in life worth slowing down for, worth appreciating and remembering, worth celebrating, commemorating or mourning.  The act of releasing a gentle butterfly out into the world is symbolic of sharing your own heartfelt sentiment - of sending your intention out into the world. 

connect            move forward             hope             celebrate
              remember                    dream

Here are some reasons people have released a Gentle Butterfly...
hospice family released butterflies to acknowledge the end of a life well lived and symbolize a spirit being received back into the universe.  

A  grief counseling group asked its members to write down things  "left unsaid" to their loved one.  In a private ceremony the families each released their butterflies which helped them connect and move forward.

Isolated individuals form community when raising and releasing butterflies as a group program

A young couple's wedding was quietly and privately blessed after their ceremony as the couple released a butterfly to celebrate the beginning of their life together.  

cancer funding relay team released butterflies as they completed their run in honor of their loved one and to symbolize a continued journey.

Siblings gathered at their father's graveside to each release butterflies with the intention of letting go and healing past mistakes

Prisoners without hope of parole raise milkweed, nurture caterpillars and release butterflies out into a world they will never return to.  The butterflies' release can unburden a heavy heart.

church held a fall service in a large forest clearing to offer praise for "all things bright and beautiful".  The timing of the monarch release coincided with the monarch's fall migration to Mexico.

An inner city school held a "dream big" writing contest for its senior students.  Winners each read aloud the dream they had for themselves in an outdoor school assembly.  Then each released a butterfly which soared into the sky above the entire student body until they flew out of sight.